Why People Operating at the Highest Levels Need a Coach the Most

November 15, 2018


Your company relies on you every day to show up and perform. You have mastered the art and science of kicking ass, producing, closing, innovating, team-building. You have been to countless leadership seminars, masterminds, and retreats. Your company invests a great deal of money in your development. They understand the value of you continuing to grow your skills and confidence, both personally & professionally, and the ROI is obvious. Yet only a few choose to invest in coaches.


High performers - people operating at the top levels of their fields - all have coaches. Athletes, actors, singers, musicians, business-people, politicians. These people understand the value of that real-time support. Not a 3-day seminar in a Marriott somewhere, not the "executive boot camp" down in Orange County, but real coaching. Someone who can really help you clarify your Values, who understands your Mission, has a clear picture of your Vision, understands your Goals and is 100% committed to helping you achieve them. But reaching your business goals only satisfies one aspect of your life.


Watching my clients achieve their health and fitness goals, financial freedom goals, while their relationships and marriages improve, their sex lives improve, their relationships with their kids improve, and their overall sense of purpose and fulfillment improve, has been one of the absolute joys in my life. 


Absolutely crushing it in one area of your life does not necessarily mean that you are having the same success in every other aspect. The divorce and suicide rates among top performers in business speak very clearly to that. Imagine what new creative energy you could bring to your job if you were moving toward the best physical shape of your life and your sex life had never been better. How would it feel to walk through the doors of work every day absolutely knowing that you couldn't fuck it up? How much more confidence would you have to take the kind of risks and make the kind of innovations that change industries and create billionaires?


- I'm not a Business/Sales Coach, but the work we do will expand your business and improve your sales.

- I'm not a Relationship Coach, but the work we do will expand your relationships.

- I'm not a Health and Fitness Coach, but the work we do will improve your health and fitness.

- I'm not an Identity and Mindset Coach, but the work we do will optimise your identity and mindset. 


I'm a Transformational Life Coach and I take high performers and turn them into higher performers. I help you to remove the blocks, fears and bullshit stories from your life so you can excel at all areas. Contrary to popular opinion (and motivational memes generators on Instagram), you really can have it all. You really don't have to sacrifice anything valuable to you in order to have the life you want. It doesn't have to be a hustle and it definitely doesn't have to be a grind. Suffering does not have to be the price (pennance) you pay to be the success and the provider that you want to be. Struggle is what low-level performers do because they think that grinding it out, day after day, is the the only way to the Promised Land... I call bullshit.


If you are a high-performer without a coach and would be interested in knowing what real-time support in all ares of you life looks like, use the link below and schedule a free conversation. We'll talk about what you want, where you want to go and how to remove the blocks that are standing between you and living your best life. If it's a good fit and I think that what I offer would serve you, we can have that conversation. You have nothing to lose, and are opening the door to the kind of high-level support that the elite in every field wouldn't dream of going without. Why are you?



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