When All the Checked Boxes Don't Bring Fulfillment

November 14, 2018


I've worked at the top levels of the game. I got the degree. I got the job and climbed the ladder. I married the perfect partner, made babies, acquired the fluffy dogs. I'm the provider that I always wanted to be. We take vacations. My kids will attend the universities of their choice. Retirement plan is secure and growing.


Great. Good Job... You have all the boxes checked. Bonus points if you had all of it squared away by 35!


So why are you fucking miserable? Why do you cheat on your partner, or even worse, furiously masturbate to some fantasy instead of connecting with your spouse? Why do you drink, smoke, eat, gamble, spend money, work-out the way you do, as if you are running from something? Why do you feel like you don't know your kids? Why do you resent your partner? Why does it all feel so empty?


It wasn't supposed to be this way...


In the effort to make sure that we are "doing it right," so many of us forget the one big piece that makes it all worth it. Fulfillment. We forgot to honor the piece of us that makes everything we do worth it. That passion that we set down so long ago to focus on the grown up things. 


Fulfillment is the piece that so many men and women are lacking. We have sacrificed it in search of money, relevance, likes, followers, "significance"... Unfortunately, without it, it all just feels empty. The victories seem hollow, the notes seem flat, the food tastes bland, and nothing is shiny enough long enough.


Fortunately, there is no such thing as too late. You are never in too deep, too old, too set in your ways, or too far down the road to seek meaning and fulfillment in your life. Nothing valuable to you needs to be sacrificed to find and have fulfillment. Once you find it, every other area of your life will respond to your heightened sense of fulfillment. 


- Your earning capacity will expand.

- Your relationships will improve.

- Your sex life will improve.

- Your health will improve.

- You will be happier than ever before.


So many of us lose track of our purpose in the quest to check all the boxes. Does this sound like you? Are you prepared to finally do something about it? Let's have a powerful conversation about that!






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