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Imagine You Woke Up Tomorrow As Your Best Possible Self​



Why you don't have the body that you want

Why you don't have the relationship you want

Why you don't have the job that you want

Why you don't have the money that you want

Why you don't have the life that you want

The fact is that all of these "reasons"... let's be honest... all of these excuses are bullshit. 

You feel STUCK. You don't have the life you want because when it's time for you to step up, you shrink.

You make a really good looking attempt, but the moment it gets too hard, or the competition appears too stiff, you crumble.


You worked hard. You were prepared. You were ready. You were psyched up.

You knew what you had to do...
but then you didn't, did you?


You settle.

You back down. You tell yourself that it's OK for one reason or another, but you know that it isn't.

Then you look back at wasted opportunities and wish you had really gone for it...

...instead of what you did.

It doesn't have to be that way...

We've all been there!

We are taught from a young age not to flinch, ask for help, or show weakness.

When life hits you with something out of left field and it takes the breath completely out of you, or you are living something less than a life and you are dying inside, that is when that old, weak nonsense utterly fails.

That's when you need some strong support around you the most, a mentor to bring out the best in you and to push you to be more than you thought you were

If you are suddenly in uncharted waters in your life or just need something more and don't know how to get from here to there, you owe it to yourself to see how good your life can get.

Chances are, if you're here, you have found yourself in deep water and you're looking for help, answers, or a way out.



I am a solution focused, results obsessed, Transformation & Empowerment Coach. My life changed the day that I could no longer stomach the idea that the life I was living was all there was.

I work with men and women, who all start from different places, but they all want the same end result, a rich full life that they are happy living.

If you are looking for a soft-spoken, self-help guy, I am not your dude. I don't pull punches or play soft, I have never gotten results from timid little baby steps, and neither will you.

​I teach men and women how to access clarity, harness their primal instincts and natures, and find their most powerful, most authentic selves.

As a classically trained chef, I spent 25+ years in high end, high stress kitchens.

I am also a father, adventure seeker and entrepreneur with over 19 years in coaching.

I have been honored to walk hundreds men and women through the process of rebuilding their lives, finding clarity, authenticity and purpose; completely reinventing themselves into something they never thought possible.​

Through the years of mentoring young cooks, helping to prepare my teammates to step onto a BJJ tournament mat, getting groups of people ready to take on their first OCR, running alongside men and women as they conquer a half marathon obstacle race, or being the steady, calm voice for a new parent seeking encouragement and experienced counsel.

 I have learned that my real purpose in life is to help people become extraordinary, and doing so has become my passion.


Whether you are feeling stuck at work, nervous about taking the next step in your life or career, wanting to improve your relationships,
anxious about being a new parent, unhappy with your
physical health, or just plain bored in life...

Simply put, Dave is one of the most dynamic and inspiring men I know. His energy, determination and generosity of spirit seem to know no bounds. I have witnessed him be an agent of deep and fundamental change in the lives of many men - he has certainly been an agent of change in my life, helping me to access a more efficient and meaningful way to be of service to myself and others. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Dave so soon upon arriving in Los Angeles from Montreal, Canada; in a short time, he has challenged me in ways that make me a better friend, husband, son and brother
… a better man.

Neil Napier

Dave is that rare motivator who doesn't overwhelm you with his all his knowledge at once. Instead he keeps the focus on you, on where you're at with your goals. And he celebrates all the small accomplishments it takes to make real and lasting and positive change in your life. He's an outstanding listener and a real champion for the tough change that it takes to successfully pursue happiness and fulfillment. I can't imagine all this growth without his kind and sturdy attention. Highly recommend having this dude in your corner.

Jacob Weber

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